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Céad Míle Fáilte

The Auld Triangle is an Irish pub located in the heart of downtown Hyannis on Main Street. Just steps away from JFK Museum, The Auld Triangle offers the freshest pints, lively music and a lovely pub fair.
Here, you won't have to wait for St. Patrick's Day to feel the warm and welcoming way of the Irish. 
Stop by for a pint of the black stuff today!

"The Auld Triangle"
The auld (old) triangle refers to the large metal triangle which was beaten each morning to waken prisoners in Mountjoy Jail, Dublin. The song is featured in the writer of the song, Brendan Behan's, 'The Quare Fellow'. Brendan Behan was once an inmate of Mountjoy Jail. His uncle, Peadar Kearney wrote the Irish National Anthem. A talented family to say the least. 

Tommy Fleming's version is a bit more upbeat than the original. Enjoy!

Powered by the Luck of the Irish

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